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I like how well your program works, but there are times when i would like to know how long my file transfers took. It would be nice if there were timestamps in the log file so i know when a certain file started transferring. Other than that i find that it works great.

I put those lines in the start of the script
Code: Select all# Start-time in minutes $minutes1=GETDATE(HOUR)*60+GETDATE(MIN) # Print date and time PRINT("Backup startet ".GETDATE()) And those at the end: [quote]# Minutes used $minutes2=GETDATE(HOUR)*60+GETDATE(MIN) IF($minutes2<$minutes1)     $minutes2=$minutes2+1440 END IF $timeused=$minutes2-$minutes1 # Print time used in minutes PRINT("Transfer time was ".$timeused." minutes") # Print date and time PRINT("Backup finished ".GETDATE())
Lars H.
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Thanks a lot Lars