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Missing any feature or command? Post your ideas here. Suggestions are welcome.
Regarding to the timout issues, in the next releases I'll try to make ScriptFTP more fault tolerant, at least try to reconnect a couple of times before droping an error.
For my specific use of ScriptFTP, it's not an option for the transfer to fail and I have only a small window of time to get the files from one server to another successfully. The IF statements I came up with work great, but it would be probably be easier/cleaner to incorporate something into OPENHOST. Maybe a 4th modifier to retry connection x many times, and if someone sets it to "99" it'll try infinitely. Honestly, the use of a WHILE loop does the same thing, so I don't really see a need.

Connecting is one issue, but another is when the connection times out after a successful connect, but before file transfer has happened. This scenario happens to me intermittently with the source server I get my files from. My IF statement seems to have solved that, but I was thinking something that would be helpful for people who get/put a lot of files is the ability to know which file the connection stopped on. I was thinking of an array that pops off the filename it is working with after successful get/put of the file. If there is a problem, the array will have the last filename it was working with still in it, so they can reconnect and start from there.

Then I was looking at TEXTCUT, FOREACH and GETLIST and wondering if those could be chained together to do the same thing? Basically creating a list/array with GETLIST, and then using TEXTCUT inside of FOREACH to remove the part of text ending with a | symbol...

I think it'd work but you'd need to add support for regular expressions in TEXTCUT or maybe create a TEXTCUT2. I like the functionality it has now, but I think something new that would be more flexible with the length and characters of the filename would be useful.
Hi Forest,

You have pointed two of the most weak points of ScriptFTP. Some other customers have already commented the issues:
  • The inability of ScriptFTP to automatically reconnect to the FTP server when the connection fails (currently, the script should handle this situation, which is a pain when writing the script)
  • The poor support of text handling commands, arrays etc.
I'm trying to address both issues but it will take some time, this is a one man party. ScriptFTP has grown over the years and has thousands of lines of code. The first one has high priority and probably the version 3.3 of ScriptFTP will automatically reconnect. The current version is 3.1 and the 3.2 will be released in a few days. Expect a couple of months before seeing the 3.3 hitting the streets.

Thanks for the feedback Forest.