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I've noticed several requests regarding how to handle ftp timeouts. In my current ftp scripting environment there is a parameter TDUR=xxx where xxx is the number of seconds that the ftp process remains 'alive'. Using it I can specify a longer duration connection/session when I know that I have very large files to pick up. If it isn't used, I believe the default is 5 minutes.

If something similar could be included in ScriptFTP and after we get sftp capability ... WOW!!!!! :D
Hi there :)

ScriptFTP has a timeout value which is fixed to 30-45 seconds depending on the operation involved and there is no way to change that (as you may have guessed). There is no way to change this value because I found that most of the times changing it does not help when the connection is lost because the disconnections usually happen just because the FTP server or a firewall simply dropped the connection, in other words, close the channel.

The solution for that, in my own opinion, is to make ScriptFTP able to reconnect instead of dropping a blue error. Then get to the point it was anc continue, something that most of the FTP clients do. I'm working on it.