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The forum is now read only. Please, go to the the main ScriptFTP website if you need help.
Missing any feature or command? Post your ideas here. Suggestions are welcome.

We're currently trialing out your software in our testing of WinCE based hardware. We would love if you could take user input into a script and put it into a variable to use, I've scoured the documentation and found nothing about it.

ScriptFTP is meant to be fully unattended. At this moment we do not plan to include any command to ask the user for any input, sorry.
Agreed 100 %
Definitely needed!

This is needed for a short script to recover data off a server for a business
It has potential for much more for ScriptFTP !

Example: To be able Type in OR Paste a String Field for example would make Restoring a file or Files Faster
Of Course it would be great with the WILDCARD Option too!

INPUT_STR( "FileName : ",$filename)

Produces -> Enter File Name : [ ]

I posted this to be looked into.
It would appear unfortunately that this software is no longer supported, no one has heard from the developer in a while. :cry:

If you already have a license for ScriptFTP and need to do what you require, you could look instead at using something like AutoIT to take the command, it can then be used to create the file needed for ScriptFTP on the fly.