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How to sync or transfer files only newer but remember the old one

A folder have B folder have
aa.txt Empty but have >aa.txt< before

does possible to transfer only the >bb.txt< and >cc.txt< with out the aa.txt
or made it with a text files with a list inside
Try the SYNC command. what do you mean exactly with remembering the old name?
If I may comment, I think he is referring to a listing of 3 files in a folder in which one file is now gone (AA.txt in his example).
I am thinking of same kind of thing and I am going to use a file list in a database table and I will open the script file for editing, I will format the list of files I want it to remember and then Get that file list.
The SYNC command is good for static folders of files but I typically MOVE my files after processing them in code (I have Archiving function to keep FTP Client folder clear automatically after processing).