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Missing any feature or command? Post your ideas here. Suggestions are welcome.
I would find two additions useful:

1. subroutine calls, so you would have to add the call mechanism and a
return statement
2. a properties function that returned an array:
For files it would return: type(FILE), FQN, RN, extension, size,
created, last changed
For Directories it would return; type(DIRECTORY), FQN, RN,
extension, size, # files, # folders

Thanks for the feedback. Subroutines is something the users have been requesting for a long time. I think it's a very good idea but I want to keep the ScriptFTP script language as simpler and easier to use as possible. I'm still thinking if adding this feature or not.

The other one I think is a must have. It will be included in future releases but because of some FTP protocol limitations some remote file properties won't be able to be set.