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First let me say THANK YOU!
I wish I had found this years ago, it's a great and extremely fast ftp engine.

I may be somewhat unique with my web server / personal PC setup, but this is the jest of it:

I have multiple web sites that have allowed user uploaded .zip files for a decade now.
As of this posting I have 12,172 Add-On Files on the server (10,492 MB), and they still come in most every day.

My problem is the files have been moved around so much that there is no telling what the date/time on the server and my PC may be, and my first ScriptFTP Sync run of about 1,000 of them in one diretory is having to re-download nearly every file again just to sync the dates, but then it changed the original files on my PC's date coming in to today.

I sell these files on CD's and DVD's so the server upload file date is important.
Now every disc I make will show almost nothing older than today, defeating the ability to sort them by date.

What I would REALLY like is...

A variable to Check Files Sizes first.
If the size hasn't changed then neither has the file, and these file almost never change, so skip it.

That, or maybe keep the Server Side File Date on the file when it's saved on my machine.

Server- Win2K IIs (moving to Win2K3 IIs server very soon)
My PC - XP Pro SP2

Other than that it's awesome.
I got it to verify that I have all of the .zip files on the server on my machine as well for making discs of what I have listed, it did that well, and I can see it will really be handy from now on.
I'll kudo you guys on my web sites.

I'll bookmark this page and swing back before I sync the other 11K files ;-}

Image The Front Door of my multiple site web server.
Hello KCvale,
but then it changed the original files on my PC's date coming in to today.
I'm about to modify ScriptFTP to keep file modification times when synchronizing files. Usually, most users don't care about this because they always synchronize in the same direction (upload or download, not both) but for users like you that download, modify and then upload again this feature is a must-have.

Do you think that this will solve your problem?