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was wondering if it is possible to register an installed ScriptFTP via batch file or command line switch.
it would greatly reduce the administration effort on machines spread around on different locations.
the licence allows unlimited installations ofc.

kind regards,


Thanks for the suggestion. I understand that entering manually the registration name and code in every computer is a hassle. A command line tool for it would be great, something like:

scriptftp_register.exe MyCompanyLLC XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX

What do you think?
something like that would be really awesome :mrgreen:
been trying around exporting registry files manually with limited success, since the system hardware and installation varies slightly from some of the machines.

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Feature added.

I've coded the tool for registering ScriptFTP from the command line. If you are still interested send me an email using the Contact/Support tab on the top of the website.

Any other registered customer interested in this tool can also contact support and request it.
How can I get a hold of this ScriptFTP Register Command line option?


Dennis Hepworth
Hello Dennis,

We will try first to fix your problem with the registration mechanism in ScriptFTP. This feature is reserved to users that have purchased many licenses and need to automatically install ScriptFTP across many computers.
I do currently have a site license of ScriptFTP, that's why I was asking as well.


Dennis Hepworth