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The forum is now read only. Please, go to the the main ScriptFTP website if you need help.
Missing any feature or command? Post your ideas here. Suggestions are welcome.
I have been trying out your trial version the last 3 days and I have to say I'm impressed. Its not only a very capable application but also its FUN to script with it. Its not always so easy to find what you want to know in the helpfile, but using the examples and reading forum messages I could resolve any puzzles I had.
Unfortuately these scripts only work for remote/local situations and not for remote/remote. Oh what a shame. All the other software I tried that can do remote/remote (fxp) are poor in comparsion with script possibilities.
So unfortnately I will have to wait an hope that you will add this option one day. I sync between 2 offices with more computers so thats why I wouldn need that function. Also a stronger wildcard allowance would be nice. And actually use of Regular Expressions would make it skyrocket.
But anyway complments on a fine job done till now!

Hi DonJuan, nice nickname ;)

I've found that most users (say 99%) don't use FXP. May be this perception is because they don't even write a message in the forum... I think that it will be added in the future but not before SFTP, sorry.

Adding regular expression support to wildcards is a very good idea. Thanks :)

I do my best to make the scripting guide as easy to use as possible but as it's very extensive and contains many topics sometimes the users get lost... May be adding a search box helps.
But anyway complments on a fine job done till now!
Thanks :D