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I recently purchased ScriptFTP - fantastic product, designed just for the advanced user! Thanks for making this available.

Does ScriptFTP support "MODE Z" on-the-fly compression for file transfers?

Feature added.

Hello Chris,

It was not supported by I've just added support for it :) . Please, download and install ScriptFTP again from this URL:


You can check if it was used or not using the command VERBOSE(ON) on the top of your script and search for "MODE Z" in the output.

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Hi there,

Although ScriptFTP checks if MODE Z is supported by the FTP server before using it, I've found that many FTP servers out there drop an error and interrupt the file transfers when MODE Z is used.

MODE Z has been disabled by default and to activate it a new command has been created: SETMODEZ

To activate it: SETMODEZ(ON)
to desactivate it: SETMODEZ(OFF)

As usual, this command should be used before calling PUTFILE, GETFILE or SYNC.

This modification will be officially available in ScriptFTP 3.2. In the meantime the patched version of ScriptFTP 3.1 is:


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