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FTP Script
  1. GOTO :start
works just as it should.

Can we use something like?
FTP Script
  1. GOTO :$counter

Is this doable or is it a feature request?

It is not doable and could be a feature request but... it is almost impossible to implement, sorry. The reason is that the ScriptFTP syntax analyzer expects that a variable starts with the character '$', a label with ':' and the rest of thing are commands.

Sorry beedsley, but why do you need to jump to a label stored in a variable? I am sure there is another way to do the same thing.
Maybe you could recommend another way.
I am trying to run the same set of commands, using different varibles each time through. I use the GOTO to set the variables each time it loops through the command set, each time it increments through, I use a different set of values: ie directory locations, file names, etc.

Would you please post the secion of your code so that we may see how you have scripted the loop.

Many thanks.

This request is actually a call for a subroutine call. I have created a somewhat awkward workaround:
FTP Script
  1. $return = 1
  2. GOTO :process
  3. :return1
  4. $return = 2
  5. GOTO :process
  6. :return2
  8. #-------
  9. :process
  10. ...
  11. IF ( $return==1)
  12.   GOTO :return1
and so on