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Whenever we send data outside our firewall, we require that it be sent either via SFTP (already addressed in another topic on the forum) or that the external entity send us the public half of their gnupg key which we then use to encrypt the file before transmission.

Any chance that the ability to do that - using the gnupg command line I would suspect - can be considered for a future enhancement?

With both SFTP and GNUPG encryption in scriptFTP, I'll never ever have to write another ftp script in Korn shell and/or Perl ... :D

Thanks for a great product with ever expanding possibilities ...

Can this be done using the EXEC comand? You can call the command line gnupg using it
I'm pretty sure it can --- didn't think the options through before posting, sorry.

Am still working on the command line syntax - when I get it sorted out I'll post here for others' use.

Tnx again.

Thanks Tom, I'm looking forward to see that command line. If you have any question don't hesitate to ask.