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Note from ScriptFTP support:
This feature has been added in the new release of ScriptFTP (4.0).

FTPS is great but could we have SFTP also?
I like your program and it would solve another headache for me if you could do SFTP also (SSH FTP).
And while I am visiting Santa, how about PROT, PBSZ and MLSD?
Hello Dan,

Thanks for the suggestion. The SFTP feature has been already requested. Actually, I think it is must have. But the problem is that making ScriptFTP compatible with this protocol requires a major redesign of the ScriptFTP innards. As soon as I finish developing the 1.1 version of my new project (http://www.email2database.com) I will come back to develop this feature to ScriptFTP. This does not mean that the ScriptFTP development is stopped, it means that only patches and minor upgrades are developed.
Any news about SFTP?
Any update, it looks like it's been a while
No news on this front yet, sorry guys.
No worries :) I will be waiting for it
I have tried the scriptftp 3.3 and work fine for my needs, unfortunately the security Team of my company required SFTP. Could you tell me when will be realased the FINAL SUPPORTED Version 4 ?
Sorry, If not released soon I can not buy the product and I need to look for another.
Hello guys,

I'm in the same situation of the previous guy. Need to know if the V4 will be release soon, because my company need it this kind of solution.
I like very much your product, easy to implement, satisfy my needs and so on.
So please could you please to answer when V4 will be OK and supported?

We usually do not give accurate dates for releases, sorry for that. The development plan at this time is to finish the next version of our other product (Email&Parser http://www.automatedemailparser.com ) and then we will finish the development of ScriptFTP 4. Depending on he user feedback we will drop the current version and set the version 4 as stable and supported.

Sorry for cannot give you a more precise response.