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Hello all,

Nice piece of software you've made so far and nice atmosphere on your forums also, Congrats.

Let me share with you my toughts on the SYNC command.

I'm working with real estate agencies and would like to use the SYNC command to synchronise a temporary depository folder before an update of their website.

They are using scripted 4D Database application called CRYPTO.

Basically when I export their database :
i have numerous .jpg (photo of real estates)
One txt file wich resume all the charateristics of each real estate
Another txt file wich links the characteristics and the jpg file

The problem is that when I proceed to the export the 4D database generate a timestamp of the time of the export instead of creating it from the creation date of the file.

This means I have different dates, for my thousands files, at every export.
SYNC is in no help for me.

I experienced synchin in the past, and noted that it was a must -on ascii files- to compare timestamps (cos two differents files can have the same name and size)

This is less true for binary file, i assume we can only check for its name and size and be 100% sure the file is the same or not.

So I would like to see a SYNC command with fileTimestamp, fileSize, fileName, as parameters.
That way we would have more flexibility synchin exactly what we decide.

What do you think of it ?
Yes I need this as well