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Hi all,

i try to download from a ftp a zip file.
after this download i would like to unzip this zip file, and upload on an another ftp these unzipped files.

At this time i donwload from FTP1 my files on my computer, i rename this file on FTP1,i unzip (manualy) the file on my computer, and i upload these unziped file on my FT2.

is there anyone can help me for automaticly unzip my file with scriptftp? is it possible?

my scriptftp version is: 3.0

ps: sorry for my english i haven't a good level

You can already zip and unzip files using the EXEC command to call an external program that handles zip files. For example, using info-zip:
FTP Script
  1. EXEC("C:\Info-Zip\zip.exe -r C:\MySourceFolder")
You can find further info in this help topic:
many thanks for your help i'm going to try it !
hi there

i have looked at this topic but i would like some assistance on unzipping the file. the method dezcribed only goes thru how to zip a file. what am i missing here?

thanks for your help