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Is there a way to make it download on more slots ?

I need it to transfer more than 1 .rar archive at the time ?
What do you mean with slots?
I mean that i want it to dowload more than 1 file at the time like regular clients can do.

Basically i want it to simoultanisly download some files from a rar archive.

Make multiple connections to server
It is not possible, sorry. ScriptFTP is meant to be sequential, only one thing can happen at the same time. This way the scripts can be easily written and the errors can be handled also in a simple way.

It is not the first time someone asks the same... It makes me wonder if this feature should be considered or not...
Its a useful feature since i need it to pick up speed from a 100Mbs server to my 100Mb home conn. Single slot gives me 1Mb only down.:(

Nice app tho but to bad i cant use it...thx anyway.
Thanks for your feedback. I will move this topic to the feature requests forum.
I would also like this feature to be added. With how fast connections are nowadays, it's pretty easy to have 10+ files syncing at the same time (depending on what the server allows). Even Filezilla does this and it makes things so much faster, but they don't have all the great scripting capabilities that this does or the auto-scheduling.
Hi Mikel

Thanks for your comment. However I must say that supporting more than one file transfer happening at the same time would complicate scripting and error handling in some cases. It is a compromise we have to make to keep ScriptFTP easy to use.

However I fully understand that transferring only one file at a time makes file transfers slower than other "classic" FTP clients... and this is a problem