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Over the last decades I have tried out dozens of incompetent FTP programs. Today I found yours. I have not used it yet, but it looks most promising. I was able to figure out basically what it does from your examples in under a minute. Congratulations!

The one thing it does not appear to do that I consider necessary is caching a directory of what I have already uploaded to the server when so that it can do a fast sync. Currently I do an unattended FTP upload once an hour, with the ancient discontinued NETLOAD , and I want it over quickly. There is nobody but me uploading. No one else can confuse the cache.

I could create a wrapper than maintains that data, and generates explicit file-by-file scripts. I could even generate it as a side effect of The Replicator (maintains zipped mirrors), but I have so many projects I would prefer if you did it, and then provided the fruits to everyone.

I would imagine you would handle this with a named cache you could empty explicitly if you suspected it were corrupted. CACHE cachename in the script would track uploads. SYNC, if there were an active cache, would look in it to see if it could avoid upload. It could also rapidly find orphans to delete.

Or I suppose you could have a cache for each directory, so it is implicit all stored in a little database or CSV file. It might be useful to programmers to have access to the information of what the server is up to.

The biggest complication I can think of is filters changing. I think the cache should hold everything.
Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, caching would speed up many things. Sometimes people use directories with hundreds of files and sending the file list back and forth slows everything.

The problem with caching is that (as you guessed) that the information may not be up to date, for example another used can access the FTP server and, for example, deletes a file, this makes the cache not useful.

I think that the best choice, if this is implemented, to swith it off by default and allow the users that know for sure what they are doing enable it.