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I'm not exactly sure how to do this, but I will try to explain everything. I'm trying to download data off Canadian government ftp, and they are in many pieces.

ftp://ftp2.cits.rncan.gc.ca/pub/geobase/official/cded/ (public available data)

I want to choose only certain zip files from the ftp to download. I have a list, in excel, that I want to compare with, and only choose the files that match my excel/.txt list.

On the ftp, there is root folder with 72, 73, 74, 82. And within each folder, 72 for example, there would be 72e01, 72e02, 72e03 (and so on).

So basically what I want is to search on all the subfolders on the ftp, and compare it to my list, and only download the ones that match my list. Hopefully this is understandable.

Hello Matthew

You have explained it perfectly, thanks.

It is not possible, sorry. ScriptFTP does not have any command to look inside files. I will move this post to the feature requests forum. Creating a command to read the contents of a text file and do some text string search seems to be very useful for this case, and you are not the first one who has faced the same limitation of ScriptFTP.
Even if I couldn't look into sub folders, its not a big problem. I can run it like 4-5 times to get all the files I want.
If I could just do a script that can do comparison with my list, that is already a big step to go. If someone could give me an example to compare to a txt file, that would be great.