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Missing any feature or command? Post your ideas here. Suggestions are welcome.
I need to have a transferred file appended to an existing file on upload. This would eliminate the need to transfer daily ever growing files every 5 minutes or less - some are every minute. To avoid file overwriting, perhaps the PUT command could be modified like this:
Code: Select all# This is a suggestion. It does not work PUTFILE("C:\htdocs\stuff\somefile.dat","masterfile.dat",APPEND)
Could that be done? Most of my file transfers are from Windows machines gathering instrument data to Unix machines acquiring databases for further processing, analysis and plotting in between transfers for real-time display.

The only way to do so at this moment is to upload the complete file every time, sorry. This suggestion has been already sent from a couple of users and, although it is not a prioirity, it will be added to future versions of ScriptFTP. Probably before 6 months.
Hello Everybody.
I've the same problem. This feature was already be implemented? If not, when did you think could happen?
Thank you