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Missing any feature or command? Post your ideas here. Suggestions are welcome.
Note from ScriptFTP support:
This feature has been added in the new release of ScriptFTP (4.0).

I currently can only make limited use of ScriptFTP as many of the clients I deal with have moved over to SFTP servers forcing me to use FTPShell instead which makes me very sad. :cry: So as the topic says any chance we'll see SFTP (SSH) support anytime in the future? I think I asked this back in the early 2.0 days but I don't remember if it was a never or maybe someday answer. I love the product otherwise though.

Thanks! :D
Thanks Rolard,

I'm currently working on adding SFTP to ScriptFTP. I expect to get it ready before three months but I cannot guarantee that, sorry.

I think it's a must have. The SFTP is getting more and more popular.
That is great to hear! I'm in no rush I like things to work rather then be on time. :D

Hi there,

Well, the SFTP development has been delayed. It won't be ready for Christmas expected. I found that it requires some major changes in the ScriptFTP internal structure and now I want to focus in other aspects of the program. It will be supported sometime in the future, but don't expect to get it before 6 months. Sorry.

If anyone reading this post is interested in SFTP support (I know many of you are) please, post a message here. I'd like to know how popular SFTP is becoming (or not).

I would also be happy to see SSH (SFTP) support in the near future.

Acknowledged. Thanks Ralph.

I would really like to see SSH (SFTP) support in the near future.

I too would like to see support for SFTP.
wow :shock:

Acknowledged. I'll post any updates here.
Yep, I need it too.....
I definitely need sftp ability for work ... !!!

Any news about SFTP?

Lars H.

I also need SFTP to automate one of my daily tasks.

What is the progress of SFTP?

I would very much like to known, as I otherwise have to look for an alternative solution.
I apologize there is no new on this front. I am currently involved in other features... sorry.
I'm in IT for an electricity distribution company in Canada. Canada is now rolling out "Smart Meters" which is a HUGE deployment and will change in the way local electric companies read your electric meter.

The data transfer/exchange that is taking place on a daily basis will be huge and ScriptFTP would fit perfectly into this complex process and could be used by hundreds of Electric/Water/Gas companies across Canada or even North America for that matter.

However the prerequisite for data transfer is SFTP.

Too bad too because ScriptFTP looks like a great product.
Thanks for the information Wammy. I am currently working in other project and as soon as I finish it I will put all my efforts in completing the SFTP support of ScriptFTP which is currently in its early stages. Unfortunately I think that it will not happen during the current year.
I discovered ScriptFTP just this past weekend. I absolutely love it! But yes, I too, would very much like to see SFTP support. That would make ScriptFTP so much more versatile and even more useful than it already is.

Any news on that front? I see this thread has been going on for more than a year and a half.

Hi Markus,

No news on this front, sorry.
i would like to join the list of request for sftp. i work at a law enforcement agency and we need the security.
i have looked at other programs and none are as easy or as straight forward as yours.
Any news about SFTP? :D
No news on this field by the moment
Put my name down for SFTP! Currently using ScriptFTP as much as I can but having to use other programs in the mean time for SFTP - I will migrate to ScriptFTP for this also at the drop of a hat!
:) Still working on SFTP...
I would like to make an update of the status of the development of the SFTP feature. Sorry guys but these are bad news. As we are rewriting ScriptFTP to C# we have stopped the addition of any other feature, like SFTP.

I know, SFTP rocks. It will be added as soon as possible. It is on the top of the feature list.
I need SFTP ability also... :(

Any news about SFTP?

In version 2.3 it this functional - it can not be added to 3.3?
I work in the collection industry and scriptftp works great for some of my needs and if it supported sftp it could be an enormous help.

Is this still being worked on and is there any release date yet?
We are focusing all our efforts on the next release of our other product Email&Parser ( http://www.automatedemailparser.com )
As soon as we finish the version 3.1 of that product which will happen around September we will come back to the ScriptFTP version 4 development and focus on the SFTP support. Unfortunately we do not have a estimated date for the release but plan to post some betas before the final version.
I am desperate for this upgrade. I have gone from all of my ftp's sending in the middle of the night with no worries to the opposite extreme, manually sending a ton of files each morning (and hoping I don't forget something).

Please email your user base as soon as SFTP is available. I will be immediately purchasing the new copy.
Hi. Is there any update on this since August? Thanks.
ScriptFTP with SFTP is finally here. You can get it at the download section:


Beware that this is a Beta version for testing only. Please, report any bug to scriptftp@scriptftp.com or post here.

Thank you guys for your patience.
Is it possible to have version 3.3 a the new (4) in the same machine?
Best Regards.
Downloaded the latest beta build to have a play with SFTP, and sadly it's not working very well for me :(

Trying to sync a local directory with a remote one results in the following:
Uploading temporary file to calculate server-client clock time difference
······ error #15000
······ Path cannot be the empty string or all whitespace
Note that there's no whitespace and the login works OK, as it adds the temporary file up there for the timing difference.

So I tried to crack on with just a download of a subfolder and subdirs, that seems to hang after the following command and nothing gets downloaded (note that folder specified has about 1mb of files across 3 dirs)
FTP Script
  1. GETFILE("/users/estubot/uk_fso/fso_files/*.*",SUBDIRS)
Here's a copy of my script, with all the sensitive stuff removed so you can double check I'm not doing anything wrong... :D
FTP Script
  2. OPENHOST("sftphostname","username","password")
  4. SYNC("c:\FSO_FILES_TEST","/users/estubot/uk_fso/fso_files",DOWNLOAD_DELETE,SUBDIRS)
Thanks for any pointers! A very similar script works just fine with a standard FTP server on v3.3
Is it possible to have version 3.3 a the new (4) in the same machine?
Best Regards.
Yes, do the following:

1) Install ScriptFTP 3
2) Go to C:\Program files\ScriptFTP (or the folder where you installed ScriptFTP)
3) Create a new folder aywhere you want
4) Copy all the contents of C:\Program files\ScriptFTP to that folder
5) Install ScriptFTP 4 Beta

To run ScriptFTP 3 just open the folder you created and run ScriptFTP.exe
To run ScriptFTP 4 go to the start menu
Downloaded the latest beta build to have a play with SFTP, and sadly it's not working very well for me :(
Yes, the SYNC command in the Beta version is far from being completed.