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I am using an unregistered version of ScriptFTP for testing. When I run the script the upload speed seems to max out at between 65 and 70 KB/s which is too slow for what we need. I know that faster speeds are available on my network because I can trasfer the same file using FileZilla at speeds up to and beyond 200 KB/s. Unfortunately, FileZilla does not have command line/script support. The SETSPEED setting does not help as it only sets the MAX ALLOWED speed.

Is there a way to increase the upload speed using ScriptFTP?
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Thanks for reporting this problem. I will move it to the bug reports section.

Some users have already reported this and it seems that under some configurations the upload speed is limited to somewhare between 50-100Kb/s (and the bandwidth is actually larger of course)

Fortunately we have found what is wrong and with the next release will be fixed.

This does not seem to be fixed in v3.3, is it?

It only uploads 1-2 files/second no matter how small they are. Goes probably 100 times faster when I use FileZilla.

Any workarounds?
This problem has now been fixed in ScriptFTP version 4. If someone still experiences the same issue please post here.
I think I have same problem,
When I start a recording it starts about 10 min too late.
Hi Michael,

You said "recording"? can you give me more details? A screenshot, a log file, anything could be useful