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I use scriptftp for quite some time without any problem.
Since a few weeks I noticed problems with the scheduler.
I get this error message for every sync activity on several different servers:
Uploading temporary file to calculate server-client clock time difference
****** SYNC Error #15000
****** File already exists
When I run the script from scriptftp directly it is not a problem, the temp file is uploaded and the sync operation is executed.

I have just updated to version 4.2 from 4.0 and the problem stays the same.
I also made a new task in the scheduler, this task has the same problem.

Who can help me with this?

Hello Herrald,

Yes, other customers have reported this issue and we are working to fix it. As it seems it happens from time to time we have set up a virtual machine running a test script continuosly waiting the error to happen.

By the way, do you use Filezilla Server in the server side?

We use: ProFTPD
I have this problem with all operations, which are: uploading to our own server, downloading from our own server and uploading to a server of one of our customers.

If you want to have more information, please contact me by email.

Thanks Herrald. I will contact you by email

I did not receive an email.
I still have this problem, which is quite annoying.


Sorry Herrald.

The fact is that I have set up a virtual machine running ScriptFTP again and again only to catch this issue and it didn't happen.

I will write you an email right now
Just an update for the folks that might end here with the same problem.

After talking with the customer (thanks Herrald) the bug has been found... It seems that SYNC does not always delete the .tmp files it creates in the Windows temp folder. To fix this:

1.- Go to your user TEMP directory and delete any .tmp file. The path is usually:

2.- Download the fixed version (4.3 Beta) available here:
I am also seeing this error now. I upgraded the the newest version and the error still occurs.

The only thing we changed was the FTP server is now Solarwinds SFTP server and we are using SFTP on the scripts.

In your FIX, you say to delete the temp files. Is that on the destination or source end? Also do we need to continue deleting temp files moving forward?

Do you also see this error when running SYNC or while running other commands?

An output of the script file would be very useful. If you do not want to disclose it here you can send it to me at support@scriptftp.com