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I've been running ScriptFTP 3.3 for a while and upgraded to version 4.4 There seems to be a problem with the return codes for the newer version.

I tested ScriptFTP by using a batch job in order to get the return code. Please note that the only variable is the version of ScriptFTP.

Version 3.3 returns "1" (the file exists and ScriptFTP reports file found)
Version 4.4 returns "0" (the file exists and ScriptFTP reports file NOT found)
Result log under ScriptFTP 4.4 (wrong return code)
(961 Bytes) Downloaded 257 times
Result log under ScriptFTP 3.3 (correct return code)
(837 Bytes) Downloaded 291 times
ScriptFTP script to test whether a file exists on a server (0=file does not exist, 1=file exists)
(568 Bytes) Downloaded 285 times
I also tried the test with ScriptFTP 4.2, and the error is here as well. Could it be a problem with the 4.* branch?
I contacted the programmer and he verified that there was a problem with the return codes. A modification was made, and released to version 4.5 beta. The issue has been corrected.