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Everything with ScriptFTP was lovely from Jan 2010 until 1st June 2011. Two scripts, one at 8am daily, the other daily at 09:40 & hourly for the next 13. Windows XP home edition, updates applied.
Now every time ScriptFTP runs I get a "Please tell Microsoft about this problem" error. When I close that dialog, ScriptFTP closes. The Application log has a category 100 event 100 error that says "Faulting application ScriptFTP.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x00e22df8."

So far tried
uninstall ScriptFTP, reboot & reinstall;
uninstall, reboot, remove ScripFTP keys from HKLM/Software & HKCU/software, reinstall.
All makes no difference.

Any clues/suggestions/ideas as to what this means or what else to try much appreciated. Full Microsoft error report contents on request 8-(

It appears that the problem doesn't actually stop ScriptFTP from working. The uploads all happen - just every run triggers a Microsoft "...has encountered a problem./Send report?" error.

I'd still like to know how to fix this properly (not least to avoid clicking "Don't send" 14 times a day).

Well, this error is apparently the result of changing from 512M of Dell-supplied RAM to 512M of Kingston RAM. No, me neither...

Both modules are DDR533 CL4 DDR2 non-ECC PC2-4200, but a HYS64T64000HU-3.7-a is fine and replacing it with one or two KVR533D2N4k2/1G gives the error.
Hello neal, thank you for posting the update. It will be helpful for other users.