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I have noticed a strange error which happens when the following is done:

I open ScriptFtp and run a script and that contains the line:
Code: Select allLOCALCHDIR("E:\ArchiveFax")
This is to set the local folder to which files are to be downloaded.

This script downloads about 500 1kb files.

Then while the script is running, I schedule a second script using the following method:

I open the Scheduler, click on Add, then browse to the folder containing the second script that I want to schedule, select the script and complete the scheduler process.

Then when I look in the folder set by the first script, no new downloaded files appear, instead they are in the folder where I selected the second script.

It would appear that the LOCALCHDIR is being reset during the Scheduler process.

The "error" can reproduce.

I am running ScriptFtp on a W2K3 server.

Many thanks in advance.


Thanks Zythan for reporting the error. The bug you mention makes sense, it may happen, yes. I will move this thread to the bug reports forum and submit this bug to the list of current bugs to be addressed.