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May 24 2006 ScriptFTP 2.3 Released
- SYNC, GETFILE and PUTFILE are now able to automatically recover and resume transfers when the connection times out.
In the course of loading (for example by means of SYNC) file FileName.FileExt.part is created which it is then renamed in FileName.FileExt. If loading interrupts, at repeated loading file FileName.FileExt.part becomes the zero size and loading begins with the beginning. The server supports loading renewal. Probably I misunderstand "automatically recover and resume transfers"? Whether probably to realise the mechanism of renewal of loading so that in the presence of FileName.FileExt.part loading proceeded further?
Excuse for my English - I use a translation program.
Hello Wandrey,

Resuming transfers is something that should be reworked in ScriptFTP. It is only able to resume the transfer in some circumstances, for example, when the connection is interrupted during the file transfer (lost connection) but it does not always resumes it. Sometimes work sometimes not.

The problem is how can ScriptFTP know if the file has changed since the last transfer attempt? Even if the file size is the same, or the modification time has not changed, the file may have changed. It would be great if the FTP protocol supports some kind of CRC mechanisms like other file transfer protocols. Some FTP servers implement them, but there is not a standard for that.