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Is anyone else having this problem..?

I'm using these settings:
FTP Script
  3. SETPORT(2121)
All is working, connect ok, download ok etc... The only problem is when it comes to upload a file, it's really really slow, about 30 seconds for a 2k file. I use SmartFTP too, and uploading is super fast, so I'm sure it's not our internet connection or anything like that.

Anyone else experienced really slow uploads..?

Any ideas for a solution..?


...to add to this...

The sticking (or pause) time at the end of an upload is exactly 30 seconds long, no matter what the file size is (I've tried 12kb, 100kb and 400kb).

The upload will happen, it says 400kb of 400kb in the process bar, then it hangs for 30 seconds, then continues.

This hanging does not happen with other FTP software using exactly the same server and settings.

- Does anyone know why it would hang like this..?
- Can anyone help..?