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We have a problem with an FTP partner.
When we send or receive files we have this error:
PUTFILE or GETFILE Error #17550: Cannot change current remote directory to...

In both cases file are uploaded/downloaded correctly but there is this error in CWD command.

We also use SETUPLOADMODE(DIRECT) because previously the problem in PUTFILE was an authorization error in renaming .part file.

There is a way to avoid this error? What's CWD command at the end of PUTFILE/GETFILE?

Thanks for your cooperation.

Downloading.................        1I5T1110.J15.p7m
SIZE 1I5T1110.J15.p7m
213 1796
227 Entering Passive Mode (10,50,3,78,163,15)
Opening data connection to Port: 41743
RETR 1I5T1110.J15.p7m
150 Binary data connection for /1I5T/1I5T1110.J15.p7m (,0)
1796 bytes transferred. (3,50 KB/s) (500 ms)
226 Binary transfer complete.
550 '/1I5T': Directory not accessible.
***** GETFILE Error #17550: Cannot change current remote directory to /1I5T.
***** The server said: '/1I5T': Directory not accessible
Hello Aldo,

What version and build of ScriptFTP are you running? Check help->about

I think that this error is because of a bug that was fixed a couple of months ago, but not sure.
I use the last downloadable version: ScriptFTP 3.3 build 4/11/2009

Hi Aldo,

Fixed, you can download the installer from here:


Please, give it a try and report here your results. Thanks.

CWD stands for "change current remote directory", the bug was that, in GETFILE, the current remote directory is saved before anything is done and then restored back with CWD when GETFILE finishes. This is not necessary when GETFILE is used without the SUBDIRS option because no change in the current remote directory is done during the process. Most of the users didn't notice of this bug before because they don't have such a restricted FTP access like you. It seems that your server only allow to your FTP user to do very basic things.

I will move this topic to the Bug reports forum section and leave a shadow topic in the troubleshooting section.

Sorry for my late response.

Now all works fine, both PUTFILE both GETFILE.
Unfortunately we have a restricted access to this FTP site because it's a government's site.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.