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I definitely found a bug which just occurs in rare situations. When you are using a FTP bouncer on the server side that bounces the control connection, ScriptFTP cant handle it when using the passive mode. ScriptFTP interprets just the Port part of the PASV command, not the IP-Address part.

Technically spoken, my server has IP-address a.a.a.a for the control connection and Ip-address b.b.b.b for the data connection. What happens when I login is the following:
Connecting to a.a.a.a Port: xxxx
Connected to a.a.a.a.
USER xxxx
331 Password required for xxxx.
PASS xxxx
230 User xxxx logged in.
227 Entering Passive Mode (b.b.b.b,224,151)
Opening data connection to a.a.a.a Port: 57495
Es konnte keine Verbindung hergestellt werden, da der Zielcomputer die Verbindung verweigerte.
425 Can't open data connection.
***** GETLIST Error #17425: Cannot get remote directory listing.
***** The server said: Can't open data connection.

So as you can see, ScriptFTP tries to connect to the control connection Ip-address instead of the right data connection IP. Would be cool if this gets fixed any time in the future.
Thanks for reporting this
An update on this issue.

It was not possible ro replicate the same error here. Please, if someone else experiences the same problem post here.