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Given the following script
Code: Select all#test.ftp $mylist = "1|2|3" FOREACH $item in $mylist  PRINT $item END FOREACH
following output is generated:
Code: Select allRunning C:\test.ftp 2 3
The first item is skipped!

I know that including a leading "|" will do the job ($mylist = "|1|2|3"),
but this is not mentioned in the scripting guide (GETLIST; section "Remarks")

Is this a bug or a feature, means you have to change it in scriptftp or in the documentation?
Hello terrabio,

Well, it's a bug. I have realized that the separator character "|" must be put before every item. For example:
Code: Select all$mylist = "|1|2|3"
This will work but according to the documentation (and the common sense) your script should also work.

Thanks for reporting this. It will be fixed in the next release (3.4)