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I have using 3.2 to download/upload files for some time with complete success. I noticed a few weeks ago that 3.3 had been released so I dled/installed it. Then the problem began. I have 3 files that are uploaded every ten minutes. After upgrading to 3.3, the first of the three files was showing up empty on the server to which it was uploaded even tho there was data in the original file. The only thing that I changed in the script after updating to 3.3, was to add the print(gettime) command just before the putfile:
FTP Script
  1. $my_result_put=PUTFILE("c:\output\*.txt")
After adding the gettime line, I started having this error sporadically. I have now gone back to 3.2 & changed
the line to:
FTP Script
and have had no issues yet. So either there is an error is 3.3 GETTIME or PUTFILE when using wildcards.