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I have installed ScriptFTP on two machines (Prod and Test), with the Prod machine being a virtual machine. On the Test machine I experienced no problems, but on the Prod machine I would receive the following error repeatedly

Error unpacking code LP5. Contact Author.

I would reinstall ScriptFTP and it would work again for several hours, then I would get the error message again. I did this for several day, then the problem mysteriously disappeared.

I would really like to purchase the product, but I am concerned about this error message and why it occurred and then mysteriously disappeared. Since the error cleared itself up, I am not sure how to fix the problem if is reoccurs.

Please let me know something as soon as possible.
It is the first time someone have reported it. But I guess it is probably because of a tool use use to pack and protect from piracy the EXE files. It is creating some troubles but most of them are during the program execution not while opening....

I have created a new EXE file with another settings, it is attached. Please, confirm if you are able to get the error message or not. It is a very valuable information for us for the next versions. You have to place the EXE in C:\program files\ScriptFTP

If you don't mind I will post your question in the website forum (hiding your name and email of course) I think it will be useful to other users.
Unpack the zip, rename the resulting file to EXE and copy it to C:\program files\scriptFTP
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