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Hi All

A bit of back ground on the task at hand.

We use a 3rd party to host our live environment and we would like to transfer backup files from the 3rd party to our HQ.

I have tried to use the FTP tasks within SSIS and the connection resets and fails the transfer. I then tried a native FTP command prompt and the same happened and also a VB script task to do the downloading to no luck.

I then googled automated ftp downloads and came across ScriptFTP and I have to say it looks better with the error handling.

The issue I have is that when the connection resets I have the ftp file loop back to a lable but then it tries to download the file again from the beginning. Is there a way to get it to carry on from the byte that it failed on otherwise it will just stick in an endless loop trying to download the files.

The point at which it fails over is around 1GB then after that the connection gets reset and the download fails.

I will move this topic to the bug reports subforum