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ScriptFTP 3.0 released

After months of testing by customers and beta testers I’m proud to announce that ScriptFTP version 3.0 has been finally released. This new version supports a more powerful script language and 6 new commands, you can expect also faster file synchronizations. The website has suffered also a major redesign to be as clear as possible. The complete list of changes is as follows:

Script language changes:

  • Every variable must start with the $ character.
  • Every label (used for GOTO jumps) must start with the : character. See the GOTO examples.
  • Support for the arithmetical operators: +,-,*,/,==,!=,<,<=,>,>=
  • Support for the logical operators AND and OR.
  • Support for the text string operator ‘.’ (dot) used to concatenate text strings easily.
  • The commands ADD, ISEQUAL, NOT and CONCAT are deprecated. Use the appropiate operator instead.
  • The TIMEDIFF command has been renamed to SETCLOCKDIFF
  • The SETSSL command has been renamed to SETPROTOCOL
  • The TALKATIVE command has been renamed to VERBOSE
  • Text strings can be also delimited with the ‘ character.

New features:

  • Much faster file synchronization algorithm.
  • Server-client time difference is calculated once per session, not once per SYNC call.
  • The ScriptFTP main window position and size is now saved. The next time you open a ScriptFTP it will be shown with the same size and position.
  • Script syntax errors are now reported before the script execution, not when the script error is reached.
  • New command line parameter /TRAY to start ScriptFTP in the system tray.
  • New command line parameter /HIDE to start ScriptFTP in the background. No window is shown.
  • New command line parameter /AUTOCLOSE to make ScriptFTP automatically close itself once the script is finished. No window is shown.

New commands:

  • VERBOSE: It shows on the ScriptFTP window the raw communication between ScriptFTP and FTP the server. Useful for troubleshooting.
  • STOP: It stops the script execution. It does not close the ScriptFTP window.
  • SETUPLOADMODE: It changes the way ScriptFTP uploads files.
  • FOREACH: Loop used to perform a separate action for each file.
  • GETLIST: It gets a file list and stores it in a variable.
  • QUOTE: Sends raw commands to the FTP server.


  • RENAMEFILE, files with more than one dot are now renamed right.
  • Scheduler fixed, had some errors in script list handling.
  • The script file are no longer blocked during the execution. You can edit them even while ScriptFTP is running that script file.
  • The Quit menu item now always works
  • SYNC now deletes the temporary files that creates.